ATTENTION, creators of mysql-connector-ooo.oxt (--enable-ext-mariadb-connector)

Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at
Fri Oct 11 15:53:25 CEST 2013

Le 11/10/2013 15:33, Stephan Bergmann a écrit :
> If you use the LO git repo to build the mysql-connector-ooo.oxt
> extension (via --enable-ext-mariadb-connector, formerly
> --enable-ext-mysql-connector) and then use/distribute that extension as
> a non-bundled extension (i.e., not unzip it into a LO installation's
> share/extensions/ directory):  Please be aware that doing so off the LO
> git libreoffice-4-1[-*] and master (towards LO 4.2) branches leads to a
> broken extension that should not be distributed.

OK, thanks for the heads up.

> <>
> "MySQL Native Connector for LibreOffice 4.x" from an UNKNOWN UPLOADER,
> which only offers
> <>
> which is apparently too old to be affected.

> *
> <>
> "MySQL Native Connector" from an UKNOWN UPLOADER which only offers
> <>
> and
> <>
> which both are apparently too old to be affected.

One of those might be from Dan Lewis, but I don't currently know the 
status of what he's doing with them at the moment.

> * <> by Alex
> Thurgood, which /is/ affected.  Alex, can you make available a fixed
> build there, either off master past
> <>
> or off libreoffice-4-1 past pending integration of
> <>?

Am rebuilding on Linux 32bit and OSX64bit after a fresh pull from master 
after your changes went in, so at least those should be ok once they're 
finished. I'll not be attempting the Linux 64bit til later anyway, after 
a fresh pull from master again.

As for 4.1, I have to suss out how to switch cleanly between branches 
with git (i.e. rtfm) before I start on that.


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