Problems compiling LO with Visual Studio 2008

Jesús Corrius jesus at
Thu Oct 31 20:05:13 CET 2013

The patch is wrong.

The reason why it's wrong is because your generated binary will not work as
expected on Windows Vista and higher.

The code should compile fine if you use the Windows 7 SDK to compile it. In
case I am wrong and it doesn't, the proper way to fix it is to define

2013/10/31 Thomas Arnhold <thomas-libo at>

> Hi Pavel,
> about the SHARDAPPINFO: I run into this, too. See the attached patch, I'll
> commit this soon.
> Thomas
> On 31.10.2013 19:36, Pavel Laštovička wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to compile LO 4.1.3 on my machine with Windows XP and Visual
>> Studio 2008 and I have run into some problems.
>> Is Visual Studio 2008 still supported? Or should I try to get a newer
>> version?
>> First problem was that build did not start at all with error in
>> external/ I think it was failing on MSVC_DLL_PATH
>> being empty.
>> I tried to set it to a bogus path to make build start.
>> Later I got error about undefined SHARDAPPIDINFO structure. On the net I
>> found MSDN mentioning the structure is available from Windows 7 up.
>> Thanks
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