Problems compiling LO with Visual Studio 2008

Thomas Arnhold thomas-libo at
Thu Oct 31 22:11:33 CET 2013

Hi Jesús,

ah sorry. I did it with the Windows 7 SDK and _WINNT_VERSION set to 
Windows XP. The problem is the missing SHARD_APPIDINFO definition.

Should we just define the hex value of it?

SHARDAPPIDINFO was defined by Fridrich some time ago with 


On 31.10.2013 20:05, Jesús Corrius wrote:
> The patch is wrong.
> The reason why it's wrong is because your generated binary will not work
> as expected on Windows Vista and higher.
> The code should compile fine if you use the Windows 7 SDK to compile it.
> In case I am wrong and it doesn't, the proper way to fix it is to define
> 2013/10/31 Thomas Arnhold <thomas-libo at
> <mailto:thomas-libo at>>
>     Hi Pavel,
>     about the SHARDAPPINFO: I run into this, too. See the attached
>     patch, I'll commit this soon.
>     Thomas

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