About writeDBLoaderInfo function in dbloader.cxx (dbaccess module)

julien2412 serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Sun Sep 1 00:39:25 PDT 2013

Lionel Elie Mamane wrote
> ...
> On the gripping hand, I can't find where the "//Loader" key is used
> afterwards either, so maybe my search-fu simply failed me. Or maybe
> the whole function is pointless. As an added bonus remark, it seems
> weird (but maybe innocuous) that it goes to extra pains to create
> "//UNO/Loader" and "//Loader" as opposed to "/UNO/Loader" and
> "/Loader".
> And searching more, I see that this function is actually never
> called... It is not in any header file of the sdk (not in _any_ header
> actually), so it can't be part of our public API (nor of our internal
> API).
> So actually, in this case, remove the whole function. And also the
> function of the same name in dbaccess/source/filter/xml/dbloader2.cxx
> ...

I thought at first sight it would be "//Loader" and "//UNO/Loader" but then
I noticed line 159
aImpl += DBContentLoader::getImplementationName_Static();

So in fact, it would be:
"/org.openoffice.comp.dbu.DBContentLoader/Loader" and
(see also

About removing, I made an Opengrok  search and found it was used there:
I'm not sure but if we remove the function, it means we should remove it too
in uiservices.cxx and so change the interface/api, doesn't it?

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