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Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at
Mon Sep 2 01:07:25 PDT 2013

Le 31/08/2013 07:35, David Tardon a écrit :

Hi David,

>> - Using mail merge in Draw.
> Just out of curiosity: what is the intended use of this feature?

Although I have no idea what the above project is about, I can think of 
three off-hand :

- making graphical representations of databases/schemas with connectors 
between text fields ;

- filling in imported PDF forms ;

- filling in certificates, diplomas, other graphics oriented documents, 
etc from a datasource for which Writer is unsuitable.

My business use-case would be the PDF form filling from a database, for 
example. At present, I can import a PDF form into Draw which is supplied 
to me by an administration, and which contains a particular layout 
containing editable fields and images. At present, I can either only 
fill those fields manually from within my PDF reader and then print, or 
import the form into Draw and copy/paste from my database, which is 
particularly irksome and painstaking. Being able to merge data directly 
including images (e.g. my signature) would save me a great deal of time.


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