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Gergő Mocsi gmocsi91 at
Mon Sep 2 10:05:39 PDT 2013

Hi all,
I've managed to push my feature into master. A few words about it:
Interface definitions use its fully qualified name, like
"dim something as" (not XServiceName, here I'll
introduce some namspace magic soon).
Functions implemented:
- code completion
- autoclose parenthesis
- autoclose procedures
- autoclose double quotes(strings)
- autoclose defined variables (all kind of them).
Extended types: here I mean UNO types (and I'm not sure if we really need
this option, please give me feedback about this).
About the listbox:
It is quite simple, it displays the type's fields+methods (here, I'll make
it to appear with more colums, like Type (field/method), Name and also
parameters can be inserted ).
Listbox appearance:
It is moved right/up when it can exceed the visible area. Tab key cycles in
the matching entries, ESC, leaving the actual context dismisses the window.
Any ideas, opinions are accepted.
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