GSOC Code Completion in Basic IDE

Noel Power nopower at
Tue Sep 3 02:13:35 PDT 2013

So firstly it's great to see this finally land in master,
congratulations!!. But... I fear that you really don't do the feature
justice, there is little explanation or context in the information
below, I understand what you mean ( but.. I have been following what you
have been doing )  I doubt others have the back story.

A screen shot, an explanation of how to enable to feature, or what the
various elements of the feature do or what options you need to enable or
even guidance of where to find those options would be very very useful.
I think it is going to be hard for someone to quickly understand what
now is available and how to use it and that is a shame.

On 02/09/13 18:05, Gergő Mocsi wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've managed to push my feature into master. A few words about it:
> Interface definitions use its fully qualified name, like
> "dim something as" (not XServiceName, here I'll
> introduce some namspace magic soon).
It sounds like this is how it works currently but that isn't correct,
you can't actually define a variable based on a service name, this is
aspirational. I think you need to give people a little more
context/information in order for them to understand e.g.

a) Point out that right now there is experimental support for defining (
e.g. Dim ) a variable as an UNO type in basic ( this is a BIG language
change ) that this language change is crucial for ( any useful )
codecompletion on a variable to work.
b) Explain what works now and what you would like to get working in the
next step.
c) Encourage people ( by teasing them with some example(s),
screenshot(s) or screencast(s) ) to try out this new feature and
hopefully find that it is really useful
d) Outline the consequences of such a change ( if it were to be enabled
default ) on backward compatibility, comparability with other Office
versions etc.
e) Hopefully generate some useful discussion and maybe gather support
for making a change like this default in the future
> Functions implemented:
> - code completion
> - autoclose parenthesis
> - autoclose procedures
> - autoclose double quotes(strings)
> - autoclose defined variables (all kind of them).
> Extended types: here I mean UNO types (and I'm not sure if we really
> need this option, please give me feedback about this).
actually here even I don't know what you mean :-/ perhaps you mean that
use of experimental UNO types ( which you need to explain to the reader
more about ) isn't required for most of the other functions mentioned (
which again could do with some explanation, screen shots etc. )



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