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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Tue Sep 10 03:20:21 PDT 2013

i there,

	Great to play with the latest work; it seems seeking works reasonably
well, but there are some quite grim lifecycle issues around the place;
also getting parenting right of the X window under X seems intermittent.

	+ audio during keyframe capture
		+ sadly we have synchronous keyframe fetch, which
		  means starting / loading flying_boy.odp I get a
		  hang during which music plays ;-) before I get the

	+ intermittent play in a separate window
		+ clean re-start / load flying_boy.odp
		  sometimes it pops out.
		+ provoke it with:
			+ F9 to present: no video shows / plays
		+ after F9 - playing video pops it out to a
		  separate window
	+ F9 to present: should render the video ... :-)
		+ I see ~nothing - not even a grey box.

	+ grey X window with no content obscuring the
	  video preview / keyframe.
		+ I -guess- that this is an un-rendered X window
		  occluding the preview

	+ Deleting a playing video
		+ audio carries on playing in the background :-)

	I guess it'd be really good to get some of these fixed; clearly the
priority is Windows here not Linux, but it'd be nice to get this lot
working on Linux too for debugging purposes etc.

	I pushed some debug cleanup pieces to master too.

	Thanks !


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