Gerrit migration

Florian Effenberger floeff at
Wed Sep 11 10:20:24 PDT 2013


so, we have now migrated the host. Quoting here again Björn's earlier 
mail on - for the items not done, infra can *NOT* do it, as 
documentation is missing from your side.

Bjoern Michaelsen wrote on 2013-07-18 15:26:

>    - LibreOffice theming is missing (not mission critical)


>    - gitweb is missing (not mission critical)

documentation missing, *NOT* fixed

>    - SSL cert warning


> - ACL/groups -> at least some groups are missing it seems
>    -> I expect direct pushes to master not to work as-is (no group committers)

documenation missing, *NOT* fixed

> - buildbot -> missing it seems

no idea what you mean with buildbot, this *NOT* fixed

> - admin login on box -> failed
>    - thus I cannot check if the gerritbot sending mails to the dev-list is
>      set-up.

fixed in the meantime

> - I havent checked where the gerritircbot is running.

waiting for your feedback on that

> So the ACLs for the committer group seem mission critial to me.
> @Norbert: Any input on that?

As said, *NOT* fixed by infra, as we lack any documentation on that


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