[Libreoffice-commits] core.git: formula/source: get rid of unnecessary warning

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Mon Sep 16 10:08:29 PDT 2013

Hi Winfried,

On Monday, 2013-09-16 14:03:20 +0200, Winfried Donkers wrote:

> > >>-    DBG_ASSERT( 0 < eOp && sal_uInt16(eOp) < mnSymbols, "OpCodeMap::putOpCode: OpCode out of range");
> > >>-    if (0 < eOp && sal_uInt16(eOp) < mnSymbols)
> > >>+    DBG_ASSERT( sal_uInt16(eOp) < mnSymbols, "OpCodeMap::putOpCode: OpCode out of range");
> > >>+    if (sal_uInt16(eOp) < mnSymbols)
> > I never saw that and I'm usually on a dbgutil build.
> > May it be that it was caused by another change you did?
> It occurs with the changes as in https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/5691/ (your review on that one is highly appreciated), there may be a connection.


I still did not see that assertion, but I see a bunch of other assertions,
formula/source/core/api/FormulaCompiler.cxx:501: OpCodeMap::putOpCode: reusing OpCode ...
It is not related to your change. It occurs always when an UI language
!= en-US is active and the "Use English function names" option is
activated. For en-US there are still four reuses with that option on,

OpCode 256 (ZGZ)
OpCode 362 (TABLE)
OpCode 411 ()
OpCode 412 ()

The last two would be the new functions FILTERXML and WEBSERVICE

I'll revert the other commit that excluded opcode 0 from the assertion
and investigate what's going wrong else.


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