Process to create and submit a patch to LO

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Wed Sep 18 15:12:04 PDT 2013


On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 6:16 PM, Ana Claudia Maciel
<anacm.maciel at> wrote:
> I'm a newcomer on project and want to collaborate to Libre Office.

Great :-)

You can find all the info at

but here's a short summary.

To make sure that your contributions are compatible with LO's
licensing, we ask for a public license statement via mail to this list
like this one:

(please do so in a separate thread, with the "<your name> license
statement" subject, that allows easier reference)

> [...]
> As I am new to the project, I would like to know what is the process to
> create and submit a patch

Create a local branch in git, and just commit your changes locally.
Then either use "git format-patch" to prepare the patch for sending it
to the mailinglist, or (and that is the preferred way) - setup an
account on (openID login) and submit
your patch to gerrit for review.
for the detailed instructions

"./logerrit setup" in the root of the core checkout should automate
most of the boring stuff, but the wikipage also explains the manual

Feel free to join #libreoffice-dev on freenode in case you have any
questions and want a quick response time (at least during european
work hours)


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