Looking for the solution for Bug 43340

Liang Weike weike.liang at cs2c.com.cn
Sun Sep 22 18:13:58 PDT 2013

Hi all,

When I used the previous libreoffice(3.3, 3.4, etc.) I found the caret disappeared when inserting a new slide via slide button in the toolbar. But after I used LO from the version I found the bug did not appear any more. This bug only exists on Windows platform and it doesn't exist on Linux platform. I also found its number(43340) on LO Bugzilla. I'm interested in the solution code for the bug. So is there anybody who knows the patch for this bug or knows where the corresponding code is? Thanks in advance.

Bug 43340 - EDITING: cursor position invisible after adding a new slide via icon command 

Liang Weike
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