About parts in ODatabaseMetaData.cxx (connectivy module/odbc part)

julien2412 serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Thu Apr 3 14:02:08 PDT 2014

Re reading part 1), i was obviously wrong.
SQL_ORDER_BY_COLUMNS_IN_SELECT indicates if columns contained in order by
clause must be in Select part.

So it's normal supportsOrderByUnrelated must test this value equal to 'N'

I found another part however:
   1622 sal_Bool SAL_CALL ODatabaseMetaData::ownDeletesAreVisible( sal_Int32
setType ) throw(SQLException, RuntimeException, std::exception)
   1641     return (nValue & SQL_CA2_SENSITIVITY_DELETIONS) !=
   1642 }

whereas we have:
   1644 sal_Bool SAL_CALL ODatabaseMetaData::ownInsertsAreVisible( sal_Int32
setType ) throw(SQLException, RuntimeException, std::exception)
   1663     return (nValue & SQL_CA2_SENSITIVITY_ADDITIONS) ==
   1664 }

One of them must be wrong.


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