About parts in ODatabaseMetaData.cxx (connectivy module/odbc part)

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Fri Apr 4 04:13:05 PDT 2014

On Thu, Apr 03, 2014 at 02:02:08PM -0700, julien2412 [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] wrote:

> I found another part however:
>    1622 sal_Bool SAL_CALL ODatabaseMetaData::ownDeletesAreVisible( sal_Int32 setType ) throw(SQLException, RuntimeException, std::exception)
> ...
>    1642 }

> whereas we have:
>    1644 sal_Bool SAL_CALL ODatabaseMetaData::ownInsertsAreVisible( sal_Int32 setType ) throw(SQLException, RuntimeException, std::exception)
> ...
>    1664 }

> (See
> http://opengrok.libreoffice.org/xref/core/connectivity/source/drivers/odbc/ODatabaseMetaData.cxx#1622)
> One of them must be wrong.

It would seem to me that indeed the "ownDeletesAreVisible" is
wrong. OTOH, it was "==" and it was changed in (by Ocke Janssen, not Olivier
Bolte, who as far as I understand has done the merge):

commit bb075c9e3f2f8e0e9ce073a3dad5201f4e5fcc91
Author: Oliver Bolte <obo at openoffice.org>
Date:   Fri Mar 18 08:57:23 2005 +0000

    INTEGRATION: CWS dba25 (1.27.204); FILE MERGED
    2005/03/04 11:37:35 oj simple correct for ownDeletesAreVisible
    2005/03/04 10:12:19 oj correct operator order

So I would like to be cautious there. I cannot find any definite
source whether "ownDeletesAreVisible" means "the deleted rows are
still visible" or "the delete action is visible -> the deleted rows
are not visible". If we can find some good documentation or example
from another JDBC driver...


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