[Bug 67544] FILESAVE: Slide transistion sound(other sound) is not included in presentation file

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--- Comment #7 from Vishv <vishvbrahmbhatt19 at gmail.com> ---

My patch related to this bug is at https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/8700/ . I
have tried much but I am kind of stuck since few days. Any help will be really
In-order to embed the music in the slidetransition, we have to use EmbedMedia()
function.  I have used that function, but I am not successful in embedding the
media file.

The EmbedMedia() takes a reference of XModel object and XModel itself takes a
reference of SdDrawDocument. And it is initialized like this:

So here GetDoc() returns a reference of SdDrawDocument(i.e SdDrawDocument&) and
then it proceeds accordingly.

In the SlideTransitionPane.cxx, I have access to "SdDrawDocument* mpDrawDoc".
So I do like this:
      uno::Reference<frame::XModel> const
And then use this xModel in the EmbedMedia().

The above code don't give me any compilation error. But, when I open an
instance of Impress from my terminal, I could see this messages
http://pastebin.ca/2679016. And this seems to be the reason behind the
EmbedMedia() not able to create & store the .mp3 file in "Media/" (which is

So I think, I require a reference to SdDrawDocument, but I am not sure how can
I get one. Typecasting is not possible because 'Operator=' is not defined for

My current patch includes a changed dialog and also it's compiling correctly.

So can someone please look at my patch and let me know their views and guide
And let me know if I am in the right direction.

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