fdo70798 Add Excel 2010 functions to Calc

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Mon Apr 14 07:26:36 PDT 2014

Hi Winfried,

On Monday, 2014-04-14 13:03:40 +0200, Winfried Donkers wrote:

> AFAICS there's only one Excel 2010 function left to be added to Calc: AGGREGATE.

Yup :-)  At least of those statistics functions we identified..

> I can add this function with partial functionality: all aggregate functions will be available, but the various filter options will not all be implemented.
> I think this way most of the functionality will be available in Calc.

That would be a starting point.

> The remaining filtering options will take some time, I reckon, as I don't think the current code is prepared for these options.

Just make sure that if a filter option is not supported the function
returns an error in that case.

For the "ignore errors" options we'll have to provide either an option
to existing subfunctions or implement their counterparts (depends on

"Ignore nested SUBTOTAL and AGGREGATE functions" is similar to SUBTOTAL
with the addition of AGGREGATE.

"Ignore hidden rows" is somewhat similar to how it is handled in
SUBTOTAL, just that SUBTOTAL ignores only filtered rows in the first set
of its options, not all hidden. Actually needs to be clarified if Excel
really ignores all hidden or only filtered. SUBTOTAL has a second set of
options that ignores not only filtered rows but all hidden rows, we also
need to implement that, so AGGREGATE may benefit from it.


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