bibisect suggestion (was: QA Meeting Minutes - 2014-04-21)

Terrence Enger tenger at
Mon Apr 21 14:43:43 PDT 2014

>From the QA meeting minutes:

> (*) SUGGESTION: Standardization of our summary field for Bugzilla
>     (*) Or: When searching for one phrase, display results from a
<     similar one (e.g. "image" -> "picture" or "graphic")

I have been thinking about the possibility of canned pieces of queries
to ease searching for a particular kind of crash.  I mean ...
(*) A segmentaion fault is a segfault is a SIGSEGV is a signal 11.
(*) A crash may be a segmentation fault, except when it is something
    else.  Something else could be an assertion, SIGABRT, or signal 6,
    It could even be a hang.  And lots of reports say nothing more
    specific than "crash".
and so forth.

I have not said anything here before because I hoped to make a more
concrete suggestion.  But if we assume standardized words in the
summary or whiteboard or keyword (without thinking about how that
standardization happens), things become very simple.


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