Paris LibreOffice hackfest

Charles-H. Schulz charles.schulz at
Wed Apr 30 01:06:18 PDT 2014

Hello Italo, 

On 30 avril 2014 00:25:02 CEST, Italo Vignoli <italo at> wrote:
>On 29/04/14 17:07, Charles-H. Schulz wrote:
>> This is to let you know that TDF and will organize a
>> LibreOffice Hackfest in Paris, on the 27th and 28th of June. The
>> will take place in Paris/Montreui and you can check's page
>> here:
>What about a press meeting on Friday, June 27 ? Although we do not have
>any announcement close to that date, we can invite journalists for an
>informal update about the project.

Yes that would be great and attracting the press to simplon would please the Simplon immensely.



Envoyé de mon téléphone avec Kaiten Mail. Excusez la brièveté.

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