debug libreoffice for the first time: soffice.bin...(no debugging symbols found)...done.

Marco Borra gattomarcomix at
Tue Apr 29 13:00:39 PDT 2014

I'm trying to debug libreoffice for the first time
I followed the instructions on the wiki.

./ --enable-dbgutil --without-java --without-help
--without-myspell-dicts --without-doxygen --with-parallelism=2
CFLAGS='-O0 -g0' CXXFLAGS='-O0 -g0' make

>From ddd:
Open Program > /home/marco/libreoffice/instdir/program/soffice.bin

(gdb) file /home/marco/libreoffice/instdir/program/soffice.bin
Reading symbols from
/home/marco/libreoffice/instdir/program/soffice.bin...(no debugging symbols

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

Marco Borra
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