[ANN] libpagemaker 0.0.1 has been released

David Tardon dtardon at redhat.com
Wed Aug 20 10:17:58 PDT 2014

List of changes:

- Fix build on MS Windows.
- Parse HLS colors.
- Parse bitmaps.
- Parse WMF metafiles.
- Fix output of multi-page documents.
- Fix parsing of polygons.
- Handle rotation of various shapes correctly.
- Fix handling of text that contains ASCII control characters.
- Fix parsing of big data blocks, where the data are saved in indirect
  records (sub-records).
- And many other small fixes and improvements.

Home page: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/DLP/Libraries/libpagemaker
Download from: http://dev-www.libreoffice.org/src/libpagemaker/


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