Severe performance degradation on Linux

Riccardo Magliocchetti riccardo.magliocchetti at
Mon Dec 29 05:36:13 PST 2014


Il 29/12/2014 12:02, Jens Tröger ha scritto:
> Hello,
> I'm opening this ML thread based on the following two forum discussions,
> none of which have yielded much resolution yet:
> To summarize: I run an office instance locally, headless, as a listener.
> Using Python and UNO I connect to that office instance, load a test
> document, and iterate over its paragraphs.
> On my Mac this takes 1.5s while on Linux it takes about 45s, a severe
> degradation in performance.  I could reproduce this across three
> different Linux machines now consistently (Gentoo, Ubuntu).

Reproduced here too with 4.4.0 beta1

> I have not yet started a more thorough profiling of the office instance,
> hoping that raising this issue to the developers might solve the
> problems.

Well you can fire a profiler, but also you can add a few more prints to 
see it the slowness is in the loop or from .createEnumeration().


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