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Thu Jul 17 02:43:50 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,

I hope I’m on the right place to write my suggestion / feature request.

There are some versions ago, MS Excel™©® had a very useful feature to manage lists. 
You started a list table by writing column labels. 
In the second line, you added fonctions and formats you need for each cell.
Then you selected the two lines and “list mode” in a menu.
Then it creates a third line starting with *. This line, still at the bottom of the table, is for adding datas in the table. You fill all the cells and validate so the line is automatically added in the table and the table automatically sorted. 
You could add auto or manual sorting and subtotals to the table.

This was very useful for managing lists when not knowing how many lines needed.

I don’t know why Excel dit stop this great feature but I would be greater if LO Calc had it…

Thanks for reading and for your answers.

JLuc Barts Andreetto

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