[GSoC] Improved Color Selection, Week 10

Maxim Monastirsky momonasmon at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 12:56:59 PDT 2014

Hi Krisztian,

On Monday 28 July 2014 19:48:51 Krisztian Pinter wrote:
> I changed things in
> *sd/uiconfig/sdraw/toolbar/drawingobjectbar.xml*
I don't see any reason touching that file.

> *sd/source/ui/app/sddll.cxx -- SdDLL::RegisterControllers()*
That's right, and there are similar changes required in writer & calc as well.

> and the toolbar button for *SvxLineColorToolBoxControl* stayed there but
> just stopped working.
The problem here is with the macro SFX_IMPL_TOOLBOX_CONTROL that can be found 
at the top of tbcontrl.cxx. It takes the class name and the type of the status 
item. Currently SvxColorToolBoxControl is registered with SvxColorItem as a 
type, which is fine for most of the color commands, but not for the line color 
that use XLineColorItem as a type.


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