Build fail with MacOs in connectivity part

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at
Sun Jun 8 11:18:51 PDT 2014

On Sun, Jun 08, 2014 at 09:05:36AM -0700, julien2412 [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] wrote:

> I gave a try to a MacOs build and had this error:
> [build CXX] connectivity/source/drivers/odbc/OTools.cxx
> /lo/core/connectivity/source/drivers/odbc/OPreparedStatement.cxx:338:9:
> error: static_assert failed "sizeof(SQLWCHAR) == 2"
>         BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT( sizeof(SQLWCHAR)    == 2 );
>         ^                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> /lo/core/workdir/UnpackedTarball/boost/boost/static_assert.hpp:78:41: note:
> expanded from macro 'BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT'
> #     define BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT( ... ) static_assert(__VA_ARGS__,
> #__VA_ARGS__)

Can you find me what SQLWCHAR is #define-d to in your build? Or at
least the value of sizeof(SQLWCHAR)? What is your ODBC
implementation? Is it unixodbc? Has it been compiled with the
SQL_WCHART_CONVERT option, or do you set it in any way?

Our (TDF) official build seems to use --without-system-odbc

However, if the MacOS X "official" unixodbc uses SQL_WCHART_CONVERT,
then most probably the TDF build is incompatible with the official
MacOS X unixodbc :-( Is this a 32 bit build or 64 bit build? (In case
that makes a difference...)

All the code that fails to compile just blindly assumes that an ODBC
Unicode char is 2 bytes (UCS2 or UTF-16 encoding). If that's not true
on MacOS X, then it needs to be adapted :-|


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