Build fail with MacOs in connectivity part

Julien Nabet serval2412 at
Mon Jun 9 01:06:39 PDT 2014

On 09/06/2014 09:55, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> ....

> Well, essentially this means that TDF build LibreOffice is built with 
> a different ODBC ABI than the MacOS X system ODBC ABI. I think it does 
> not really matter, because LibreOffice never uses the "wide 
> characters" ODBC API. The code is there, many functions take a "shall 
> I use wide characters in ODBC calls" bool parameter, but it is always 
> called with false. However, if I'm wrong about this, then it will fail 
> hard, in the form of corrupting data (character strings), because 
> LibreOffice will provide/expect UTF-16 when the driver will expect 
> wchar_t (which I expect will be UCS4/UTF-32). Maybe that's even what 
> Julien was trying to investigate when trying to build with 
> --with-system-odbc? 
Well, in fact I just copied pasted the autogen.input from my Linux to 
MacOs to just give a try.
I had to comment every Mysql/MariaDB options since brew (a repository 
manager) freezed to install mysql connector (at least for some minutes 
when installing Mysql after having retrieved Boost and other components 
+ build Mysql with cmake).


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