[PUSHED] Re: Do not convert SVGs to JPEGs when editing with external tool

Alex Henrie alexhenrie24 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 12:56:59 PST 2014

2014-03-07 13:20 GMT-07:00 Michael Stahl <mstahl at redhat.com>:
> re-implementing a feature that ~nobody actually uses seems like a waste
> of time to me - it was previously discussed to move the Java
> ScriptFramework/Rhino/BeanShell stuff to an (un-bundled) extension,
> see this thread:
> http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.documentfoundation.libreoffice.devel/38646

2014-03-07 13:28 GMT-07:00 Tomaz Vajngerl <tomaz.vajngerl at collabora.co.uk>:
>  I really don't think anyone is working on replacing Rhino. :) I was looking into it at some point but I didn't get really far. There are other - more rewarding things to fix.

Thanks for the advice. An unbundled extension is probably the way to
go but If I work on it at all, it won't be anytime soon.


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