Integration Libreoffice on Mac OS

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Mon Mar 10 05:09:24 PDT 2014

Hi Shin,

I hope you don't mind I again add the development mailing list to CC :-)

Shin Nguyễn píše v So 08. 03. 2014 v 23:04 +0700:

> I used Libreoffice api to open and view documents, and I also
> integrated the viewer of documents into the same window of main
> application.
> Using visual studio I have done on windows , but I don't know to begin
> on Mac OS. My goal is use Xcode to write an application can open and
> view documents through Libreoffice api, build on Mac OS.
> Can you give me some suggestions?

So if you've done the embedding using the createSystemChild() API (from
XSystemChildFactory interface), it should work similar way for OSX as it
does for Windows; just instead of providing it with window handle, you
should provide it with (NSView*) pointer.

Regarding how to do OSX development in general - I don't develop on OSX
myself, so unfortunately cannot help you :-(  But hopefully a bit of
googling will get you somewhere; or maybe somebody in the list will

Either way - hope that you'll achieve what you need!

All the best,

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