Hi-DPI patches for 4.2

Jan Holesovsky kendy at collabora.com
Mon Mar 10 11:24:11 PDT 2014

Hi Caolán, all,

I've just pushed a backport of the hi-dpi patches from master to gerrit
for libreoffice-4-2 integration - as was requested earlier, to fix the
unfortunate state of LibreOffice on the hi-dpi displays.  It is the
following 5 patches (order is important):


Keith confirmed that they fix the hi-dpi issues he was seeing in
LibreOffice 4.2.

They are supposed to be safe for normal displays; that is anything
non-safe should be enclosed in an "if (mnDPIScaleFactor > 1)".  Few
cases make the computation a bit more general, like:

+    long yOffset = (aRect.GetHeight() - mpImpl->maImage.GetSizePixel().Height()) / 2;
     if( mpImpl->mnState == SIGNATURESTATE_SIGNATURES_OK )
-        ++aRect.Top();
+        aRect.Top() += yOffset;

etc. but hopefully such places are safe enough too.

It is only 5 patches, as I have squashed the follow-up fixes into the
appropriate patches, but other than that, it should bring us to the very
same state that is in master.

Thank you in advance,

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