Fwd: Test suite for Gnumeric

Kohei Yoshida kohei.yoshida at collabora.com
Thu Mar 13 07:31:47 PDT 2014

On Thu, 2014-03-13 at 15:26 +1100, Chris Sherlock wrote:

> The original blog post was here:
> https://blogs.gnome.org/mortenw/2014/03/11/writing-tests-is-humbling/

FYI, you could swap the word "Gnumeric" and "LibreOffice Calc" in
Morten's blog and every single word would still make sense.

In this blog he says

" I do hope that LO/OO already have an evil test suite, but I am not

And I'm afraid his pessimism is correct, though I'm personally working
hard to change this situation, and Markus as well.  It's a very slow
process, and we still have a long road ahead, however.


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