Need suggestion, Regarding fdo#62957 and GSOC..

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Mon Mar 17 10:59:00 PDT 2014

Hi all,
I've introduced myself and shown my interest in the GSOC idea  Follow-me

I have just started my open source development. Its been 2 months with LO,
and have taken up 3 bugs,
64290 <> and

Well i started with fdo#42788, the change i proposed to the mailing list,
honestly i was a beginner so the change i proposed was very silly, so
didn't submit to the gerrit..
Then, with fdo#64290, i had to do real hardwork, it was a very easy hack in
the end, but since it was my first time with huge source code i took three
weeks to hack it.. I have submitted the patch to gerrit..

Well, the thing is when i got information about GSOC, it occured to me that
it is the perfect program to kick start my open source involvement.. But i
am not sure i will be able to do it because, i have taken 3 weeks to solve
an easy hack..
So, i decided that i will submit a second patch on fdo#62957, based on my
performance in that regard i would take a decision to whether or not
participate in the program (that is if i get mentored)..

Can some body help me with my new hack, providing some code pointers, or
keywords that would help me find it through opengrok. I ve limited time to
apply to GSOC.. I ve done some research myself.. I ve gone through the code
pointer specified in the bug description..And also i found that
NotifyCurrentSlideChange() in SlsCurrentSlideManager.cxx has info about the
new slide.. There is similar property in writer, it resumes from the last
save point.. Code pointer related to it would help a lot..

My proposal for GSOC is ready on Follow-me slideshow though, but am going
to submit in a day, after completing my hack..
I would like to participate and get involved, will i get mentored for it??
Suggestions and guidance are most welcomed.

Thank You.
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