Need suggestion, Regarding fdo#62957 and GSOC..

Anthony anthony at
Tue Mar 18 10:48:48 PDT 2014

On 17/03/2014 17:59, Sujay m wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've introduced myself and shown my interest in the GSOC idea 
> Follow-me slideshow..
> I have just started my open source development. Its been 2 months with 
> LO, and have taken up 3 bugs, fdo#42788 
> <> ,fdo#64290 
> <> and fdo#62957 
> <>..
> Well i started with fdo#42788, the change i proposed to the mailing 
> list, honestly i was a beginner so the change i proposed was very 
> silly, so didn't submit to the gerrit..
> Then, with fdo#64290, i had to do real hardwork, it was a very easy 
> hack in the end, but since it was my first time with huge source code 
> i took three weeks to hack it.. I have submitted the patch to gerrit..
> Well, the thing is when i got information about GSOC, it occured to me 
> that it is the perfect program to kick start my open source 
> involvement.. But i am not sure i will be able to do it because, i 
> have taken 3 weeks to solve an easy hack..

Is it you, or did you just pick an "easy hack" that wasn't so easy?


If you don't get accepted, then find out why and do something about it. 
If you do, then working on a real project with an experienced guy 
looking over your shoulder is a great way to learn. Either way, you 
can't lose.

The best life lesson is to set yourself targets that are just beyond 
your current ability. That way, you will (with hard work) be able to 
achieve them, and each success sets you up for the next ...

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