Who pressed Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D?

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Mon Mar 24 06:25:45 PDT 2014

Hi Stephan,

Stephan Bergmann schrieb:
> Did anybody do that in a dev build over the course of the last couple
> years, to use the VCL Debug Options dialog?
> If not, I'd like to just get rid of that thing.

I use it. The default setting is to show the error message in a message 
box. But I want to get the error message in a window. I use 
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D to make this setting. And I use the check "Dialog" in 
the "Test Options" section. It shows you the size of the area into which 
fixed texts are written.

But if you document what values are needed in the dbgsv.ini file, then 
the dialog itself is not needed. The documentation would have to include 
the help texts of the dialog as well.

Kind regards

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