How to build an old version of LibO

Laurent BP jumbo4444 at
Thu May 1 08:23:24 PDT 2014

Thanks Ruslan for your answer.

Ruslan Kabatsayev wrote
> So you want to reset your local branch to libreoffice-4-2, right? I
> think what you need is switching to your local branch and doing
> git reset --hard origin/libreoffice-4-2

OK. It works. Now after make distclean and autogen and make
I've got a 4.2 version up to date: Version:
Build ID: d1d25c8cbc2962ce2501b4ed6034d2e4e4ccba9a

And now, how can I revert to dace560b350346b9f9a102ee602bb129a008bcfe?


Laurent BP

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