How to build an old version of LibO

Ruslan Kabatsayev b7.10110111 at
Thu May 1 11:21:21 PDT 2014

On Thu, May 1, 2014 at 7:23 PM, Laurent BP <jumbo4444 at> wrote:
> Thanks Ruslan for your answer.
> Ruslan Kabatsayev wrote
>> So you want to reset your local branch to libreoffice-4-2, right? I
>> think what you need is switching to your local branch and doing
>> git reset --hard origin/libreoffice-4-2
> OK. It works. Now after make distclean and autogen and make
> I've got a 4.2 version up to date: Version:
> Build ID: d1d25c8cbc2962ce2501b4ed6034d2e4e4ccba9a
> And now, how can I revert to dace560b350346b9f9a102ee602bb129a008bcfe?

If you reset to this commit, you'll appear somewhere in the master
branch. Are you sure this is what you want? This would then explain
why your version after build was 4.3. It seems you've picked the wrong
sha1 of the commit.
Also, note that when a commit is pushed to several branches, each its
instance will have its own unique hash. Thus, you should check, which
of all these sha1 sums you really want to switch to. (Although this
one doesn't have copies of its commit message as I've searched.)

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> Laurent BP
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