Access2Base - New release

Jean-Pierre Ledure jp at
Sun May 11 06:37:28 PDT 2014

A new release of the Access2Base library (V1.1.0) has been pushed to master.

Its main purpose is to get rid of the previous limitations: 1 single 
database, 1 single (data-aware) form located in Writer documents only, ...

 From now on, simultaneous use of several forms from any LO document 
type is supported. Additionally the OpenDatabase method allows dynamic 
data access from any Basic macro, including, just as an example, from a 
user-defined function invoked in a Calc cell formula.

Simplicity of programming remains key, anyway. A draft on-line 
documentation has been posted on
A full list of the new features is on

Now my question.
Soon all users of AOO and of LO 4.1 or before will benefit of the new 
version by downloading it from their respective extensions download centers.
I presume it is compliant with the LO release policy to push the same 
patch also to the LO 4.2 branch ?


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