Access2Base - New release

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at
Tue May 13 01:13:05 PDT 2014

On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 03:37:28PM +0200, Jean-Pierre Ledure wrote:
> A new release of the Access2Base library (V1.1.0) has been pushed to master.

Let's say will be soon :)

> Its main purpose is to get rid of the previous limitations: (...)
> Additionally the OpenDatabase method allows dynamic data access
> (...)

These look like cool new features.

> Now my question.
> Soon all users of AOO and of LO 4.1 or before will benefit of the new
> version by downloading it from their respective extensions download centers.
> I presume it is compliant with the LO release policy to push the same patch
> also to the LO 4.2 branch ?

I don't think so; no new features, only bugfixes.

Can't an "installation as extension" override the bundled one, or
something like that?


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