Semi-automated ASCII art removal tool

mostthingsweb mostthingsweb at
Wed May 14 14:01:02 PDT 2014

I have been working on a tool to semi-automate the process of removing ASCII
art and pointless comments (ref: Unless someone has an
alternate suggestion, for the time being I will host it here:


I say the tool is semi-automated because while it will make a suggestion
regarding what to do with each comment, it is ultimately up to you to decide
what to do. The tool lets you jump immediately into Vim to edit either its
suggestion or the original comment. It provides 5 lines of context before
and after, like git diff. It makes a best effort at preserving justification
(leading whitespace). The only preq is colorama:

I'd be interested in getting some feedback regarding this, whether it's bug
reports, suggested features, or even just "why bother?". If you're
interested in trying it out, I'd recommend cloning the repo linked above
since I'm making fixes and improvements almost each day.


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