Semi-automated ASCII art removal tool

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Thu May 15 01:59:32 PDT 2014

Hi Chris,

mostthingsweb píše v St 14. 05. 2014 v 14:01 -0700:
> I have been working on a tool to semi-automate the process of removing ASCII
> art and pointless comments (ref:
> Unless someone has an
> alternate suggestion, for the time being I will host it here:
> Screenshots:

This is cool! :-) -  thanks for that.  Just a small thing; the last
screenshot that removes '/**'

/** something something 

This style of comment has a special meaning for Doxygen which parses
such comments, and adds them to the automatically generated
documentation like


I would suggest that your tool should leave the comments like


untouched.  Of course, /*********** does not have any meaning for
Doxygen, and should go away ;-)  But a thing like /*****//** should turn
into /** only; etc.

The full list of comments understood by Doxygen is here:

> I'd be interested in getting some feedback regarding this, whether it's bug
> reports, suggested features, or even just "why bother?".

I like it! :-) - thanks again for writing it.

All the best,

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