[solved] build failure, clock_gettime undefined, linking libavmedialo.so

Terrence Enger tenger at iseries-guru.com
Sun May 18 13:05:08 PDT 2014

On Sun, 2014-05-18 at 12:46 +0200, David Tardon wrote:
> Hi,
> This will not work. The extra library is needed at the place(s) where
> collada2gltf.a is _used_. The attached patch should do that.

Thank you, David.  This seems to do the job.

In particular, I did:

(*) Applied your patch on top of commit 483ccfb.

(*) Renamed away workdir/Headers/Library/libavmedialo.so

(*) `make --dry-run verbose=5`.  The link command includes '-lrt'.

(*) `make`.  This did a lot, and the program runs.


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