GSoC 2014 Weekly Report - Improvements To The Template Manager [Week 1]

Efe Gürkan YALAMAN efeyalaman at
Sun May 25 16:13:26 PDT 2014


Since my school goes on I couldn't spend enough time on the project this
week. I researched about how to move the Template Manager's parts to the
Start Center.

Most of the parts are easy to use. They populate their own contents so I am
just creating and calling them on Start Center.

==What's done==
+Start Center has TemplateLocalView without any templates shown ATM.
+Templates button does not open Template Manager dialog, instead it
replaces the "Recent Documents" with Templates.

==Plans for next Week==
*My finals are coming so I need to move parts as much as possible before
this week.
*Let the default view to display all templates as default.
*Move handlers for the default view so it will be able to open selected
*There are a few toolbars for different jobs on Template Manager.(When you
select a template it will show some buttons to edit, make default etc.)
*Move the other views and the handlers as much as possible.
*This is the trivial part of the project in general. So sooner the better.

==Plans and questions for future==
*Change Templates button with a dropdown to filter the templates for the
*Put a return point to Recent Documents. Maybe put it in the dropdown?
*How should editing work?

P.S: If you have any good ideas, or if you see a mistake on here please
feel free to shout it. It helps me a lot :)


Efe Gürkan YALAMAN
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