Could not merge msm file into database

Andras Timar timar74 at
Sun Nov 16 10:14:03 PST 2014


We are getting "Could not merge msm file into database" error messages
from Windows tinderboxes since 12th of November.

I did not see anything suspicious in recent commits. I tried to build
one of the last known good tinderbox builds, it was
b021b5983c62e266b82d9f0c5c6d8d8900553827 and it gave me the same error
message. Then I tried to build 4.4 aplpha2 and alpha1, both of them
gave the same error message. So it seems that the problem is not in
LibreOffice source code. But where is it? Maybe in a Windows update?

Can someone try my experiment, too, i.e. to build from a known good
hash on Windows? If you use VS 2013, you need
ef7e29998c5e86c4174e9dbe16c157705f9dc129, otherwise msm file merge
will not be attempted.


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