OpenCL nomeclature

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Wed Nov 26 10:43:12 PST 2014

On 26/11/2014 18:37, Anthonys Lists wrote:
> On 23/11/2014 21:45, Olivier Hallot wrote:
>> Hi
>> While translating, I stumbled into
>> "List of known-bad OpenCL implementation"
>> "List of known-good OpenCL implementation"
>> Is this the equivalent of
>> "List of known bad implementation of OpenCL"
>> "List of known good implementation of OpenCL"
>> sorry if it look stupid to ask, but when it comes to translation...
>> Also, is there a better word for "bad" in that context? What is "bad"?
>> underperformance?, incomplete? unreliable? incompatible? etc... I'd like
>> to avoid naming something "bad" (that is, can be "bad for LibeOffice and
>> "good" for another software).
> Actually, I'd say it needs translating into English :-) in that "list 
> of" takes a plural noun. I'd be inclined to keep the first version but 
> change "implementation" to "implementations". However, with the same 
> change, the second version is equally good, just a bit more verbose.
Replying to myself :-) I'd also add that "bad" in this context I simply 
understand as "will cause problems". In other words, if you use a "known 
good" version, it should work as intended. If you use a "known bad" 
version, you may (or may not) have problems but some people definitely 
will. So "known bad" doesn't mean unusable, but it means that there are 
known bugs when using it.


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