guidance to write a unit test for SetMacroSecurityLevel()

nicholas ferguson nicholasferguson at
Fri Nov 28 06:04:59 PST 2014

> [nicholas ferguson]
> in sc/qa/.../qahelper.cxx 
> line 544
>SfxItemSet* pSet = pSrcMed->GetItemSet();
>and add include
>#include <com/sun/star/document/MacroExecMode.hdl>
> This does work. But someone needs to write a CPP Unit test of opening up a s/h, then dynamically changing MacroExecMode's and checking that they are ok.

] >>No idea what you mean with "dynamically changing MacroExecMode's and checking that they are ok" (the macro security settings are checked once, when the document is opened, if that is where you're heading).
[nicholas ferguson] 

It appears you don't code spreadsheets for computations. People who work with VB code in spreadsheets understand that enabling macros is essential.  
	open up an excel with macros enabled.
	open up an excel s.h ...macros were not enabled.  Enable them, without closing the s/h.

Tests like...
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