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nicholas ferguson nicholasferguson at
Wed Oct 1 05:50:50 PDT 2014

> why isn't this wiki page referenced in the readme?  Isn't that wiki a 
> page for develpers.  What kind of developer in your world, doesn't 
> build a debug version, first?

>>	We used to recommend a debug version AFAIR, but the build tree on Linux with debuginfo is 30Gb small - and 
>>    with debug symbols it takes forages to link. Often it's more feasible to re-build just a single module with debuginfo.
[nicholas ferguson] 
[nicholas ferguson] 
I guess its english.
Recommending a debug saying on wiki how to put --enable-dbgutil into the autogen.input ... and then solving that wacky issue with boost.
why do you think I was asking to download a debug version. of 30G...

> Where is it mentioned how not to keep downloading the tar files? for 
> 3rd party dependencies.  That alone is a HUGE COST OF 
> discover how to turn that off.

>>	The automatic download saves manually downloading 70 or so individual dependencies; you can argue that it sucks (and it does) - but doing that manually sucks more =)

A build for a newcomer has to be run three or four times?  Why should the tar files get downloaded four times?  How does a newcomer turn it off after the first download?  Tor had to explain that to me.

This is another HIGH COST OF ENTRY.  I ask questions and I get answer that don't fit my questions.

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