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Wed Oct 1 05:43:21 PDT 2014

On Wed, 2014-10-01 at 08:21 -0400, nicholas ferguson wrote:
> This is an example of the high cost of doing a build and development
> work with LibreOffie. 

	Great example.

> Most developers,download the sofware.  Look at the ReadME file and then proceed.

	I don't think we have a README.Windows - and that's an obvious gap; and
one that you can easily close. Please do send a suitable file and I'll
check it in in your name - your first commit =) the first commit is
always the hardest.

> Instead, there should be a call to the community

	Sure; let me call you to get stuck into fixing this problem =)

> Then when I ask about spinning off cppunit tests into independent
> apps.  I know that there has been a group of people that have done
> that.

	Why do you think a group of people have done that ? If that existed in
an easy-to-share form, someone would have shared it with you.

> That is a high cost of entry.

	I don't disagree - for Windows certainly; it's a difficult platform to
provide a pre-canned solution for due its proprietary nature.

> why isn't this wiki page referenced in the readme?  Isn't that wiki a
> page for develpers.  What kind of developer in your world, doesn't
> build a debug version, first?

	We used to recommend a debug version AFAIR, but the build tree on Linux
with debuginfo is 30Gb small - and with debug symbols it takes forages
to link. Often it's more feasible to re-build just a single module with

> Where is it mentioned how not to keep downloading the tar files? for
> 3rd party dependencies.  That alone is a HUGE COST OF
> discover how to turn that off.

	The automatic download saves manually downloading 70 or so individual
dependencies; you can argue that it sucks (and it does) - but doing that
manually sucks more =)

	Again - the expectation gap here seems to be focused on your hope that
someone else will improve all of this for you, whereas my expectation is
that if you don't do it - no-one will =) hopefully that makes you feel

	All the best,


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