examples to manage docs using LibreOffice as a major component

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at collabora.com
Wed Oct 1 06:40:38 PDT 2014

On Wed, 2014-10-01 at 09:00 -0400, nicholas ferguson wrote:
> [nicholas ferguson] What I do understand is that Libreoffice had an
> internal architecture change after 4.0 To prove this worked, there
> must have been a ton of samples coded up ?  Otherwise your clients
> would have complained and dropped it.

	It seems as if you're laboring under the illusion that this use-case:
of simply dynamically linking to LibreOffice and re-using it is one that
used to "just work" and then it broke in 4.0. That's not the case.
Before LibreOfficeKit - I'm not aware of anyone trying to make it easy
to link the LibreOffice functionality into a binary and use it
externally; so quite the converse - the situation is getting better

	Then again there are so many ways to re-use LibreOffice, it's not
entirely which should be used. eg. the COM <-> UNO bridge exposes a lot
of our APIs via UNO and hence COM.

	Failing that, you can use binary UNO to talk down a socket to a running
LibreOffice directly using our own custom protocol; there are plenty of
examples of that around, the smoketest code does it - and you can do
that trivially via python.

> where are those samples?  They should be loaded up into github as
> samples used to test the new architecture.

	Perhaps you're confused. There was no major new architecture of
anything much at the 4.0 point that I recall (or was that the new calc
core I forget). We are constantly improving almost everything, almost
all the time, and in parallel. Our transition to the new gnumake build
system which took a load of releases to complete was more or less done
then (IIRC) - but ... where is the major architectural change that
impacts any of this re-use ?

> And if you tell me they are in cppunittests... only... and no one
> coded up a remote app that talked to libreoffice.. really?

	There are lots of remote apps that talk to libreoffice. But that's not
what I heard you asking for - you're asking for an in-process app that
links to LibreOffice - and lets you use internal C++ APIs - right ?

	All the best,


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