examples to manage docs using LibreOffice as a major component

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at collabora.com
Thu Oct 2 05:26:18 PDT 2014

Hi Nicholas,

On Thu, 2014-10-02 at 08:10 -0400, nicholas ferguson wrote:
> the short answer of all of the time you spent writing on this subject..would
> be to tell me to build libreoffice in debug mode, verbose, then the full
> instructions for building  cppunit tests will be the in the output file.
> And that I would then find how a cppunit tests sets up an env variables.

	Well - I'm glad you're more optimistic that you have an answer here.
I'm not sure I follow the above paragraph though ;-) JFYI - we build and
run our unit tests - many of them during the compile process whether you
have debug enabled or not. So no need to do any custom build for that,
if you have a completed build - you've already run a ton of unit tests
while it compiled.

	As I mentioned, getting bootstrapping right is/was more than
environment variables (though there are several of them you can find in
the makefile if you $ git grep -5 gb_CppunitTest__make_args ).

	Also, in general, if you want a cut-down set of functionality to do
just calc stuff; you can delete a good number of the DLLs in the
instdir/program - but I'd be inclined to drop the code you deliver in
that directory too [ and just take some subset of the instdir/ and whack
it in your deliverable along with suitable license texts etc. ].

On Thu, 2014-10-02 at 08:10 -0400, nicholas ferguson wrote:
> That is not a solution for 2014.  In the news you can read about
> groups of people grabbing a ton of info from governments,
> companies...illegally through some transport/internet protocols.

	Its unclear to me that virus checkers will significantly help with this
problem. Worth reading:


	Against a sophisticated assailant, if you're using Windows - almost
certainly you're doomed anyway.

> So major companies have strict rules that even a developer cannot
> touch their anti-virus settings.  Or if they try... they get
> dismissed. So your solution  prevents that type of developer from
> working with LibreOffice.

	You're right; and (as I say) if you want to invest your time into
trying to solve that problem somehow - you are very much more than
welcome. I'd view any attempt by myself or others to spend resource like
water (this is a huge task) to try to solve the internal corporate
policy failures of other companies as a mis-investment personally: they
can just fix their policy, or adapt it for VM's or something [ is there
really a company that doesn't let you control your own VM settings ? ]. 

	However if you want to do that - no-one is stopping you, quite the
opposite: I'd encourage you to send patches for discussion. I'd start
though by at least warning of the problem which is the 80% win for 0.01%
of the effort =) that's why I filed this easy hack:




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