Anti-Virus vendors & warnings

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Mon Oct 6 08:06:55 PDT 2014

On 06/10/14 16:45, Juergen Funk Mailinglist wrote:
> Hi
> I don't know is that helpful information.
> Symantec delete that files in my case
> - writerfilter\qa\cppunittests\rtftok\data\pass\
>   sf_508f4e169fb76c80745d3541bd01b0a2-73462-minimized.rtf
> 	Virus:Trojan.Mdropper

hi Juergen,

i hope we can encrypt this one like the CVE test-cases, so it doesn't
cause warnings any more.

> - d:\bld\deb\workdir\UnpackedTarball\icu\source\bin\
>   genrb.exe
> 	Virus: Suspicious.Cloud
> - d:\bld\deb\workdir\UnpackedTarball\nss\nss\lib\zlib\out\
>   example.exe 
> 	Virus: Suspicious.Cloud.5
> The "rtf"-file have excluded from the scan.

those are probably not something we can work around easily; can you
report and upload these files as "false positive" to your Anti-virus
tool vendor?  i mean, you are paying them for the tool, so they should
fix it if it doesn't work  :)

> When I have this follow " setting" then the "exe" have the virus
> --enable-debug
> BUT with this " setting" NO VIRUS for "exe"
> --enable-dbgutil

so that's the "random" difference, perhaps it's because dbgutil uses
MSVC debug runtime?  fun...

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