AW: Anti-Virus vendors & warnings

Juergen Funk Mailinglist Juergen.Funk_ml at
Mon Oct 6 08:25:38 PDT 2014

Hi Michael,

 On 06/10/14 17:15, Michael Stahl Mailinglist wrote:

> those are probably not something we can work around easily; can you 
> report and upload these files as "false positive" to your Anti-virus tool vendor?  
> i mean, you are paying them for the tool, so they should fix it if it doesn't work  :)

I should talk with the admin. 

> so that's the "random" difference, perhaps it's because dbgutil uses
> MSVC debug runtime?  fun...

But with virus detected have with --enable-debug switch and I think the MSVC debug runtime is on too.
But a lot off inline code is disabled.

But I have not try the new switch --diable-cve-tests, that make tomorrow


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