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Tue Oct 7 22:28:23 PDT 2014

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Le 07/10/2014 21:58, Michael Meeks a écrit :
> Hi guys,
> 	You are warmly invited (if you can make a phone-call) to hear what
> we get up to in the Engineering Steering Committee, ask questions at a
> suitable time in the agenda etc. We maintain our agenda in an etherpad here:
I do not know where to write in the agenda, so I do my suggestion here:

disclaimer: sorry for my bad English, I will do my best to be as clear
as possible.

ESC should study the case of sorting modification made in the case of
cells containing references.
The problem is set in
: "Sorting should automatically adjust references"
 and discussed in
"Sorting shouldn't always automatically adjust references."

The problem is not in the change itself, it is in the fact that the
change has been done in bugfix versions, 4.2.7 and 4.3.1 because:
1/ in these bugfixes the change is not complete : the configuration
option can't be backported from master to previous branches
2/ fdo#81309 is not a simple bug, it is a big change in the way Calc
does sorting
3/ A big change like that should not be done in bugfixes.
4/ Comments in and duplicates of fdo#81633 show that users are strongly
disturbed by this change.

My suggestion is to revert this change in both 4.2.7 and 4.3.3, and to
clearly communicate about it in release notes for 4.4.

Best regards.

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